A boy called Oz (bokading) wrote in boka_books,
A boy called Oz

To All Members!

Hi! Welcome to the review community! I'd just like everyone to know a few things about this community:

*You are able to post a review here for most anything, be it literature, film, art, or music. Reviews need not all be positive ones. If a book or film sucked, by all means say so. Just be prepared for someone else to come along who loved what you hated, as this can happen all the time.

*You can post personal work here for critique, be it art, creative writing, photography, poetry, or what have you. Long stories should be placed behind a cut, and mature images should also likewise be placed behind a cut that warns of the graphic nature of the image.

*Posts not pertaining to a review or personal work may be removed from this community at the discretion of its moderators.
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